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  1. Python 3.7 and the POSIX locale

    During the childhood of Python 3, encodings issues were common, even on well configured systems. Python used UTF-8 rather than the locale encoding, and so commonly produced mojibake. For these reasons, when users complained about the Python behaviour with the POSIX locale, bug reports were closed with a message like …

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  2. Python 3.0 listdir() Bug on Undecodable Filenames

    Ten years ago, when Python 3.0 final was released, os.listdir(str) ignored silently undecodable filenames:

    $ python3.0
    >>> os.mkdir(b'x')
    >>> open(b'x/nonascii\xff', 'w').close()
    >>> os.listdir('x')

    You had to use bytes to see all filenames:

    >>> os.listdir(b'x')

    If the locale is POSIX …

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  3. Python 3.7 perf_counter() nanoseconds

    Since 2012, I have been trying to convert all Python clocks to use internally nanoseconds. The last clock which still used floating point internally was time.perf_counter(). INADA Naoki's new importtime tool was an opportunity for me to have a new look on a tricky integer overflow issue.

    Modify importtime …

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  4. My contributions to CPython during 2017 Q3: Part 3 (funny bugs)

    My contributions to CPython during 2017 Q3 (july, august, september), Part 3 (funny bugs).

    Previous report: My contributions to CPython during 2017 Q3: Part 2 (dangling threads).


    • FreeBSD bug: minor() device regression
    • regrtest snowball effect when hunting memory leaks
    • Bugfixes
    • Other Changes

    FreeBSD bug: minor() device regression

    Logo of the FreeBSD project

    bpo-31044: The …

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